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Blue Heritage is a new digital meeting place around the cultural heritage of Paros and the Aegean islands, created to showcase the different aspects of their local identity and enhance accessibility and creative participation by the general public.

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The tsambouna bagpipe

The tsambouna together with the gaida are the two types of bagpipes that are found today in Greece. The gaida is played in regions…

Nikolaos Perantinos

Nikolaos Perantinos is a sculptor of Parian origin, born in 1910. He showed an artistic tendency from a young age…

The medieval castle of Kefalos and the monastery of Agios Antonios in Marpissa, Paros

The hill of Kefalos in eastern Paros, which according to Dimitrios Paschalis is a distinct coastal mountain…

The traditional festivals (“Panigyria”) of Paros

The tradition of “Panigyria” (traditional festivals) is interconnected with the numerous religious holidays and Saints’ “namedays”…

The traditional olive mills

Oil and olives are products traditionally associated with agricultural production throughout Greece. “How many olive roots (do you have)?”…

Celebrations and customs dedicated to the fertility of land and animals

The people of Marpissa and Paros worked mainly in farming. The climate and soil morphology favoured agricultural…

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